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phoenix_reignLike its name, New York City-based metal band Phoenix Reign rose out of the ashes – but in this case, the ashes of a once strong metal scene. Originally simply called Phoenix, it came into existence in Greece in the summer of 1998 with founding members Billy Chrissochos and Chris Pollatos, playing guitar and bass respectively. They joined forces with guitarist Kostas Psarros, and with Wayne Noon on drums soon recorded their first demo back in the states. They played clubs like L’amour with Lynch Mob (brainchild of ex-Dokken guitarist George Lynch), as well as the then-kings of underground clubs Voodoo Lounge and Castle Heights with other metal acts like Zandelle and Gothic Knights.

With new singer Theresa Gaffney in 2002, Phoenix Reign began exploring new territory with successful shows in places like the Continental, Le Bar Bat and the Village Underground. In 2004, the band performed at the Good Times Magazine-sponsored Long Island Music Festival, and Don Hills where they played with Riot and Winger. They even broke into Latin territory as Budweiser sponsored them in the local Queens hotspot Made in Brazil, and in 2005 hit the world famous CBGBs.

homepicPhoenix Reign began working on their first full-length album, ‘Destination Unknown’, in late 2005. It was released in early 2007, and brings to life several songs from the band’s demos like fan favorites ‘Another Night Alone’ and ‘Open Your Eyes’ as well as new material, including the epic “Constantinople 1453 (On the Eve of the Fall).” This track epitomizes what Phoenix Reign is capable of as musicians, by blending traditional Mediterranean instruments with metal and creating an otherworldly sonic atmosphere. The album’s artwork is also notable, as it features the work of Iannis Nikou, the acclaimed Greek artist whose style is reflective of Delacroix and even Boris Vallejo.

With their releases, Phoenix Reign has received radio play on WYNE’s “Aktina FM” and “Cosmos FM,” St. John’s University radio WSJU, Hartwick University’s WRHO 89.7, Hartford University radio and Fordham University’s WFUV 90.7 FM. They’ve received coverage in several media outlets, including the Queens Tribune and Times Ledger newspapers, Neo Magazine and Sonic Cathedral’s well-respected webzine. The band will be promoting ‘Destination Unknown’ heavily in the upcoming months with more radio appearances, newspaper interviews and show dates

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